Our Vision

Creating a compassionate and sustainable world through personal, community and cultural transformation.

Our Mission

Simply Living connects people to learning opportunities that promote sustainability, environmental justice, and our local economy.


Simplifying our Lives
Greening the Earth
Healing toward Wholeness

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Simply Living was established in 1992. The founding members believed that social change and environmental responsibility depend upon us and our lifestyles. Recognizing creation’s sacredness and participation in its life-sustaining renewal, we reach out to all who are searching for their individual way to become the change we seek for the world. We are dedicated to learning how to live responsibly and to sharing our journey. With more than 1,200 members, Simply Living’s purpose is to educate ourselves and invite others to live responsibly and sustainably in joyful relation with the earth and with each other, rooted in principles of environmental, social and economic justice. Together we are building a more sustainable culture.

Simply Living Network

Simply Living is organized via networks. Opting out of a top-down hierarchy, we connect with and through each other.

Read about this important model of social innovation in Margaret Wheatley’s writings including this short article:
Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze.

Simply Living has had a long standing relationship with the Center for the New American Dream. Watch this video for a succinct explanation of our values:

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