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Tree of the Month, October 2023

Northern Red Oak, Red Oak Quercus rubra (Q. Borealis in many older texts) by Martin (Mort) Schmidt for Simply Living Northern Red Oak is one of the Midwest’s most important trees. Oaks are host to numerous animals, provide food for rodents, bears, deer, and other animals, and are essential sources […]

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Tree of the Month, July 2023

Arborvitae, American Arborvitae, Northern White Cedar, Eastern White Cedar Thuja occidentalis by Martin (Mort) Schmidt for Simply Living You have, I have, we all have Arborvitae deep within us. Read on….. Arborvitae, the Tree of Life, is a tree of paradoxes. Both revered and reviled over history, Northern White Cedar […]

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Interview with The Compost Exchange

An interview with Ray Leard, Founder and Chief Composter Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Ray Leard, the founder and head composter of the Compost Exchange. The Compost Exchange is a local business that specializes in both residential and commercial composting. It was started by one guy – […]

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Tree of the Month, June 2023

Honeylocust Gleditsia triacanthos by Martin (Mort) Schmidt for Simply Living In the wild, Honeylocust is one of the most recognizable trees because of its long branched thorns. In fact, the Latin species name, triacanthos, means “three thorns”. Honeylocust is very popular for landscaping, but domesticated varieties usually lack thorns and […]

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How Living Simply Addresses the Root Causes of Climate Change

As a long time advocate for living simply I often hear people say “that’s good for you, Chuck, but it won’t be enough – we need to change the system.” They’re not exactly being dismissive, but perhaps damning with faint praise. I heartily agree that changing systems – lots of […]

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Tree of the Month, May 2023

Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana) by Martin (Mort) Schmidt for Simply Living Once considered the ideal landscaping tree, the Callery Pear cannot legally be sold, grown, or planted in Ohio, due to its invasiveness. Callery Pear was introduced to the United States from Asia in the early 1900s. The edible Pear, […]

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Tree of the Month, April 2023

My Favorite Tree Books By Martin (Mort) Schmidt for Simply Living I recently wrote about my favorite tree websites and downloadable books. This month I’ll discuss my favorite printed books – books about trees made from trees. I have over a hundred of them, many of which I picked up […]

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Simply Living Is Hiring Executive Director

Executive DirectorJob Description  Primary Objectives:The Executive Director provides leadership, fundraising, programming, communications, andadministrative oversight and support for the Simply Living board of directors and membership inpursuit of the organization’s mission to connect people with learning opportunities that promotesustainability, environmental justice, and our local economy. Our mission is translated intoaction through […]

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Simply Living Is Hiring Administrative/Financial Consultant

Financial/Administrative Consultant Job Description Primary Objectives:The Financial/Administrative consultant works remotely and reports to the Simply Livingpresident and the executive director, and also interacts with Simply Living board members(especially the treasurer and check writer) to create financial reports, reconcile bank accounts,and track payables, receivables, donations, and other account details. Work hours […]