Our Board of Directors

Lynn Stan


Paul Carlson


Paul Carlson joined the Simply Living Board of Directors in October 2022. He founded the non-profit reEarth and is also a board member for Resurrecting Lives Foundation. Paul was an instrumental member of the US Transition Collaborative Design Council and serves on Columbus’s Green Spot Advisory Board. He facilitated the city being recognized as the 2015 ICF Most Intelligent Community in the World. His professional background is in Finance and Technology, and he enjoys taking walks, reading, and writing in his spare time.

Lenn Black

Internal Affairs Chair

Brittany Combs


Jenee Murphy

Board Member

Christina Pelletier


Luke Toney

Vice President

Angie Scheu

Governance Chair

Angie Scheu joined the Board of Directors in September 2022. She is also a member of Sustainable Westerville. Angie is an entrepreneur who also has a professional background in Learning & Organizational Development. She currently serves as Chair of the Governance Committee. Angie founded Green Haven Living, LLC in 2016 in the historic Uptown Westerville Business District. She is also a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force / Ohio Air National Guard. She and her husband, Darren, are parents to three daughters.

Upon earning a degree in business, she embarked on a 17-year career as a corporate Human Resources Professional. Angie is also a Leadership Team member for local grassroots volunteer organization, Sustainable Westerville. She considers herself a lifelong environmentalist with varied, but interrelated interests – including a passion for sustainability, social justice, disability rights, and integrative medicine. Outside of her work and volunteerism, Angie enjoys gardening, yoga, traveling, and spending time with her husband, Darren, and their 3 daughters.


Shelia Fox


Sheila is a retired educator who has been a Simply Living member for over 20 years. She founded Sustainable Delaware Ohio and has been active in and serving on the boards of other local non-profits. Her long volunteer history with SL includes having served as board secretary, and facilitation of Your Money  or Your Life and many of the Earth Institute courses.  She currently co-chairs the Columbus Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and is board member and recording secretary for Simply Living. 

Chuck Lynd


Retired, but active in volunteering for Simply Living and the Support Our Local Economy coalition in central Ohio. I am available for presentations on topics related to sustainability and the local economy. I can be reached at chuck.lynd@gmail.com or call 614-354-6172.