Becoming Sustainable & Living Simply happens:

when money stays local it creates jobs, and keeps money local – so seek local options instead of chains & big box stores. 

when one recycles, reduces (best practice), repairs and reuses its own items and is also open to buying new and underused items previously owned by others. 

when we Reduce the energy used by seeking transportation options like bus, bike, car share, EV vehicles and rideshare. At home: turn out lights, unplug tech when not in use, minimize HVAC use and look into energy efficiency and alternatives like solar. 

when we Eat healthier and grow a local food system that support local farmers and community gardens. 

when we are all responsible citizens of this earth and country by voting regularly, learning about social and environmental justice issues, and be mindful and practice compassion. 

Our Programs


Simply Living provides community education for a more sustainable and equitable world through Sustainable U, a series of discussion and skills courses facilitated by our members.

Sustainable Business

One of Simply Living’s long-term goals has been to create a local Business Directory. A big thank you to Columbus Foundation for the grant that allowed this to get started. In the summer of 2022 a Columbus Foundation Fellow got over 800 listings inputted, and the directory went live. All directories are a work in progress, so we appreciate your eyes and suggestions to help us get sustainable businesses listed.


Simply Living offers annual memberships, monthly sustaining memberships, and business memberships, all at various levels so you can choose the membership that is right for you. You can also Simply Donate.

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