Aligning the Spirit of Living with Money

Randall Loop, long time Simply Living supporter and previous board member has used the 9 Steps of Your Money or Your Life (YMOYL) to create a sustainable living since 2004. He has facilitated the course since 2006 and has literally assisted hundreds to create the same for themselves. Watch this brief introduction of the mindsets and methods of the program that was originally created by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. After introductions and Randall’s presentation there was about 30 minutes of Q&A discussion.

Below are links to the YMOYL (Your Money Or Your Life) Spirit and Money Introduction and the 7 session, pre-recorded Self Study Course.

sl – YMOYL Spirit & Money Introduction Book Companion Package ONLY $9.00 A portion of the proceeds are donated to Simply Living. Link:

sl – YMOYL Spirit and Money – 7 Session Pre-Recorded Self Study Course ONLY $59.00! A portion of the proceeds are donated to Simply Living. Link:


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