Simply Living Community Update 12-02-2016


Events featured include the Transition Hub class on Energy Democracy, Simply Living’s Holiday Open House, the upcoming screening of SEED: The Untold Story, Randall Loop’s online intro (free) to his full Your Money Or Your Life course, a holiday cooking demo by the Duke of Fork, Mark Zedella (last before he moves to NC), an herbal holiday gift making class at Boline Apothecary, a special First Saturday Chant featuring Jesse Powers and Chad Warren, the Care and Share Time Bank Holiday potluck, OEFFA’s 2017 conference announcement, the Free Press/DSCO awards dinner (including SL members Carolyn Harding, Greg Pace, Michael Vinson), two housemate rental opportunities, A Christmas Carol playing at the Columbus Civic theater, and more! Quotations selected by editor Chuck Lynd are interspersed throughout the Update.

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