No Straw, Thanks!

Did you know? 500 million straws are used in the US every day!

The last time you had lunch at your favorite restaurant, did you end up with a bunch of straws that came with every liquid you were served? Have you ever wondered what they are made of or where they end up?

If your answer is “yes!”, join Simply Living’s “No straw, thanks!” campaign.

This campaign is not about banning straws – though you may choose to switch to a reusable straw. Rather, it’s about creating awareness related to the use of petroleum products in our everyday lives. Especially for the near future, the use of petrochemicals in myriad manufacturing and industrial processes and products is likely to remain with us. For so many reasons, including climate change, we must work toward a world that is less dependent on petroleum! Let’s ask ourselves:

Are straws a good use of oil? The same goes for plastic shopping bags!

Join with Simply Living to increase awareness, reduce waste and cut way back on our use of petroleum, especially when there are alternatives!

One Comment

  1. An overlooked item: plastic clamshell containers (used for baked goods of all kinds). They’re #1 plastic.

    And I don’t understand why we can’t recycle wide mouthed containers. We use so many! Seems the equipment for it would’ve been in place by now …

    So much petroleum in these products!