Is Co-Housing Right for You?

Want to live in a small, tight-knit neighborhood with a group of socially and ecologically conscious folks? Where, with the help of trained professionals, the group designs, plans and manages the neighborhood so it fits your needs? Where the design provides the community you want, but also the privacy you need? Where you can feel safe, connected and supported? Where the group is trained in respectful and effective communication and interaction so every voice is heard and valued? Where you can do things as a group that are out of reach as individuals?

We’re speaking of cohousing and will provide more information in the Simply Living Spring newsletter with informational sessions to follow. If you already know about cohousing and have been waiting for someone to get the ball rolling, that time is now and a wonderful opportunity awaits. The annual cohousing conference is being held in Portland this year, May 30 to June 2. Early registration ends 3/19 and 5 can attend for the price of 4; we already have 2 or 3 going. See for info on the conference and for a wealth of information about cohousing in general. Contact:

The image below is “generic” and included to suggest general characteristics of a co-housing project.

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