Climate Video Goes Viral (credit: Common Dreams)

Simply Living does not endorse any candidates, but we post this to invite our community to ask whether or not it’s time to use the scare/fear tactics as a strategy to encourage bold action to begin reversing global warming. What do you think? In this 4 minute video, the first half shows a family living underground due to harsh climate above ground. It’s scary, but it’s followed by an appeal to choose bold action to create a sustainable future.

“Stop what you’re doing and watch this—all the way through.”

That was the reaction Monday from youth-led climate group Sunrise Movement to a gripping new apocalypse-themed campaign ad rolled out by Democrat Andrew Romanoff, who’s running in Colorado’s 2020 primary race for U.S. Senate. In the ad, Romanoff directly confronts those standing in the way of the Green New Deal and other calls for bold action by saying, “Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are already doing it.”  

 Check it out Here. Let us know what you think – is it effective? Or should we reject the fear approach and focus on positive actions that will lead to a livable world\?

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