Can We Protect Our Community from Fracking Waste?

Simply Living member Greg Pace recently sent this email:

Columbus Community Bill of Rights is asking everyone, even those outside of Columbus Ohio, to please sign our online petition as an endorsement of the public for Columbus City Council to put our community bill of rights charter amendment on the Columbus city ballot in November 2020.  You can read about it on our website here:

We also have a great video below the petition on our homepage, where we explain our present position with the city of Columbus.

As more testing has verified, the amounts of radioactive substances in conventional oil and gas waste brines is magnitudes higher than ever known before, so we need to protect our own communities with local laws to keep them out of our neighborhoods.

If you are a resident of Columbus, we urge you to PLEASE contact city council and let them know that you want our local participatory democracy to be upheld during COVID-19, by putting our Columbus community bill of rights on the November 2020 ballot.

Very sincerely,

Greg Pace (614) 565-6067

Why is this important?

The CCBOR charter amendment, if passed, will ban disposing of radioactive frack waste in our city and hold polluters within our watershed liable. Currently, we have 11 active injection wells (with 3 more pending permits) having accepted over 613 million gallons of frack waste and a permitted landfill site for taking radioactive drill cuttings within our watershed. (Full language here:

Check out and sign the MoveOn petition

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