3-27-2020 Weekly Community Update

Welcome to the weekly Community Update featuring local news and VIRTUAL events of interest.

The Local Skinny

The Local Skinny

The latest cancellation just in: The 2020 Simply Living Sustainable Living and Garden Tour is being POSTPONED until 2021. This was a difficult decision for the Committee but there were too many unknowns to plan confidently for our host gardeners and homeowners. We are very excited about the venues selected so don’t be surprised if we organize one or more informal tour events in the fall!

House for Rent in Clintonville
Tina Thonnings is a former Simply Living member and Time Bank participant before she moved to Cleveland to help care for her 88 year old mother. She is looking for someone to rent her house, where she has cultivated a number of edibles: elderberry, raspberry, apples, Siberian pea shrub, and a lot of other greenery and flowers. Tina hopes to find someone who loves the land and gardening. The tenants who lived there for 5 years have moved so the 3 BR house is available now.  Tina can be reached at 440-351-1742 or email at thonnings@hotmail.com. Craigslist HERE.

demo for green new deal

Global Pandemic Trumps Climate Change  by Chuck Lynd
TheApril issue of the Free Press is only available online because the normal places to pick up a print copy of the newsletter are closed – libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Shameless self promotion encourages you to check out my article that attempts to see some upsides of the viral pandemic in that it foreshadows the need to change our behavior to take on the climate crisis with a Green New Deal. Read it HERE.

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