Daily Routine Fights Climate Change

Alex N. Burke, local sustainability-energy specialist

I was delighted to discover the opinion column in the Dispatch (1-9-19) by Alex Burke, “We Tackle Climate Change One Day at a Time.” Alex walks us through a typical day from 6 am to 8:30 pm offering practical tweaks to our typical behaviors. They are all easy to do but will help fight climate change if we all do them: “Knock 45 seconds off your shower,” skip the lunch meat,” and “shut off the electronics before leaving the office.”

Making small changes in our individual behavior helps us become more mindful and aware that our culture must change and we can participate, We can “be the change” at a time when many people feel overwhelmed by the threat of climate change.

As a board member of a 27 year old nonprofit, Simply Living, the number one question we are asked is: What can I do? Alex offers a sensible approach that anyone can do.

Individual changes are Step One. We need legislation and policy changes as well. How convenient that the Dispatch included Thomas Friedman’s column, “Nation should make ‘green’ the new red, white, and blue.” (also 1-9-19). We need some form of Green New Deal at all government levels and some version of the new “Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend” legislation.

Read the full piece in the Dispatch: HERE.

To get involved in local efforts to fight climate change, join Simply Living’s Transition Hub Team!

Transition Central Ohio logo

6 – 8:30 PM
Northwood High Bldg, Room 100
2231 N High St Columbus 43201
Free parking but only in R Spaces (Rardin Clinic)
We’ll start with refreshments, introductions, and a discussion of the Transition Town movement. For background, read The Big Picture by Richard Heinberg. We’ll show the film, Transition 2.0, for inspiration as we imagine new projects to make our communities resilient as we confront the climate crisis locally. Contacts: Mac Crawford <crawford.9@osu.edu> or Chuck.Lynd@gmail.com.

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