Podcasts from the Post Carbon Institute: Crazy Town & What Could Possibly Go Right?

If you haven’t discovered the Post Carbon Institute (PCI), the brainchild of Richard Heinberg, it’s time you visited their website: https://www.postcarbon.org. Their tagline is accurate: “Leading the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world.” The Institute has been exploring all aspects of the future worlds that are possible after we transition to renewable energy.

Resilience is the thread that runs through their collection of articles that are curated from a wide variety of sources. If you sign up, they will send you their “Daily Dose of Resilience” to your inbox. The articles remind you of the great work happening around the world, and the outcome, at least for me, is a daily dose of hope.

PCI has also organized a free online course that offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vision and practical insights that make Resilience real as we navigate the transition to a post carbon world.

Oh yes, the podcasts! See below. https://www.postcarbon.org/programs/listen/
Both are highly recommended. You’ll enjoy Crazy Town for the humor employed while PCI staff explore the big issues like climate change as they “navigate the anthropocene” – our human induced environmental era that we have just entered.

Veteran Simply Living members will remember Vicki Robin and her book, Your Money or Your Life (taught for years by SL member Randy Loop) as well as her co-founding of the Center for a New American Dream, now the New Dream website. Vicki interviews “cultural scouts” aka thought leaders who are exploring the future we are co-creating. Her humor is evident in the title of her podcast: What Could Possibly Go Right?


With equal parts humor and in-depth analysis, Asher, Rob, and Jason safeguard their sanity while probing crazy-making topics like climate change, overshoot, runaway capitalism, and why we’re all deluding ourselves.

Vicki Robin, activist and best selling author on sustainable living, talks with provocative thought leaders about emerging possibilities and ways humanity might step onto a better, post-pandemic path.

Anecdotal… I met PCI founder Richard Heinberg (left) at a “Beyond Fossil Fuels” conference at Oberlin College in 2015. During the luncheon break participants were treated to a violin concert by Richard, who noted that music has been a lifelong inspiration and respite in this life.

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