Green Haven Living Sustainable Products for Pandemic Protection

Angie Scheu, owner of Green Haven Living and a business member of Simply Living, posted an Update on Facebook recently to promote their safe re-opening Saturday, June 6, in Uptown Westerville.

Angie commented, “We can all agree that it has been an especially long few months. Life is different. Our world is different. In the coming months, we will rebuild in stronger and more resilient ways.”

Amgie also listed some of her eco-friendly products in the post, including these items to help us through the pandemic.

No Touch Keychain Tool 
Designed with a hook at the end for pulling or pushing. 
Alcohol-Based Hand Spray
Our Rinse Alcohol-Based Hand Spray is available in 5 liquid varieties 
The Naked Bee Hand Sanitizer – Orange Blossom Honey
Plenty of our gel-based hand sanitizer in stock! 
One80Out Supply Face Masks (highly rated!)
We have the softest face masks around! 
The Naked Bee Foaming Hand Soap
A generous 12 ounce bottle of everyday use foaming hand soap in 2 varieties. 

Check out the full update and product listings with pictures HERE:

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  1. I purchased 5 of the One80Out cloth face masks for my family a couple of months ago. The quality of the craftsmanship and fabric was very good. The price was also very competitive and was locally made. It wears comfortably and has 3 layers of cloth. I highly recommend them for a non-medical level of protection.