Sustainable Hero – Christy Walters

The inspiration to launch Reuse Revolution really began in my early adulthood when I couldn’t resist picking up litter. Everywhere I went, there was always litter. My husband and I are from #ohio, and we’ve always loved the outdoors. I was an event planner in Colorado for many years after undergrad and the juxtaposition of the breathtaking mountains with plastic bags stuck in trees was heart wrenching.

Christy Walters Sustainable Hero

I had to question, where is all of this litter coming from? Why are we buying so much junk? The Story of Stuff Project book, documentary and website became an informative resource for me. I realized the problem is our #disposablesociety. Individuals and corporations both need to change, but what I can control are my individual actions. Thus, Reuse Revolution was born 🙂 We’re all about inspiring individual change while encouraging communities to come together. I love helping Girl Scout Troops learn safe litter picking skills. I love talking with classrooms about composting and Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio – SWACO recycle right guidelines here locally. National and international recycling markets are so interesting to me. It’s all about money, so when individuals are able to vote with their dollars, that’s wonderful. I recognize not everyone can purchase a cute reusable item. So I always say “the most sustainable product is usually what you already own”
For example, if you have a #reusable water bottle already, use it 🙂 Use up what you have until you’re ready to purchase a replacement – then opt for the more #sustainable options.

We aim to be a resource on our website and in our instagram saved story highlights and posts. Feel free to reach out anytime! Cannot wait to see you when covid is under control and we open our Bridge ParkNorth Market shop in Dublin in the next few months.

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