Connecting Community Corridor for People Pollinators and the Planet

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Mission or Deeper About it Got Started

FYI – I have been busy here with the Connecting Community Corridor for People Pollinators and the Planet, or CCC for PPP here in Linden. We received $100,000 in various grants so have been busy setting up the Urban Farm Church with 62 garden beds, having a water well dug, deer fencing, and programming as it will mainly be growing food for the community.
We also have an art mural project on a building sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity and the Endangered Species Coalition as they celebrate 50 years of successes of bringing back wildlife from the brink of extinction – our theme will be on the Rusty Patched Bumblebee, with a native plant garden. Still looking for a building site but we have a local Linden artist who works with seniors and youth in our community and there will be a native plant giveaway, so wanted to let your folks know about this.
Also have the Stinner’s Climate Ambassadors with young adults 18 – 24 who will be touring the state and visiting / networking with various regenerative agriculture / food distribution set ups for climate resiliency. We were hoping for 8 – 9, but had to get more funding so we could take 14 of them as we had over 35 apply and did an extensive interview process. We thought it would be to get folks interested, but they have a tremendous background and experience and enthusiasm. They will be creating educational materials on what they learn and sharing it on social media.

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About Founder Dianne Kadonaga

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While creating Sunny Glen Garden Dianne utilized SM FB TIKTOK to gardening fans watch as

Educational demonstration garden to turn urban lawns into perennial edible forest gardens and wildlife habitat based on permaculture and regenerative agricultural methods. Native plant nursery to support community projects. Coordinates the Connecting Community Corridor for People, Pollinators, and the Planet, or CCC for PPP.

How You Can Help!

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