The Essence Of Healing

The Essence of Healing

Provides a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy, art, and science of The Reconnection.

Scared Sacred

Scared Sacred

Ripper travels to the minefields of Cambodia; war-torn Afghanistan; the toxic wasteland of Bhopal; post-9/11 New York; Bosnia; Hiroshima; Israel…

Pete Seeger: The Power Of Song

Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

Largely misunderstood and criticized for his strong beliefs, Pete Seeger was picketed, protested, blacklisted, and in spite of his enormous…

Thank God For Evolution

Thank God for Evolution

Fun and uplifting, Thank God for Evolution goes beyond the current debate to offer up a whole new way of…

Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Price

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price

The film presents a negative picture of Walmart's business practices through interviews with former employees, small business owners, and footage…

The Great Story

The Great Story

The marriage of science and religion for the personal and planetary well-being.

What A Way To Go

What a Way to Go

A disturbing, compassionate, sometimes humorous personal essay about coming to grips with climate change, resource crises, environmental meltdown, and the…

An Inconvinient Truth

An Inconvinient Truth

Former vice president Al Gore presents an eye-opening and compelling view of the future of our planet and our civilization.…



Your health now brought to you by Wall Street. The hidden story behind vaccines, big pharma, and your food.