Workplace Courses

Simply Living would like to begin offering courses at for employees to increase sustainability practices at their workplace. This could include as many as 300 employees at a large business, or as few as 6 employees at one or more small businesses.

We could facilitate any of the discussion or skills courses in the workplace - but one of the most useful might be Sustainability Works, which is about how to increase workplace sustainability.

Interested in having Simply Living lead a discussion course at your workplace? Please reach out to Chuck Lynd at or  Lynn Stan at

sustainability works cover

Sustainability Works

EcoChallenge Course

Sustainability Works: Rethinking Business as Usual is designed to help your organization respond to the need for systems-level change that benefits both people and the planet. Sustainability Works provides the information and inspiration you need to engage your team, and contains tools to help you create a plan to advance sustainability in your business. If your sustainability efforts are already underway, this discussion course will offer an opportunity to fine-tune your goals and engage new stakeholders.

Length of Course: Four sessions
Course Book Format: Ebook

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