Simply Living Manifesto – Jake DaSilva

Jake DaSilva has shared his “manifesto” (below) as part of our Earth Institute course: A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World.  Jake is an avowed Minimalist  and has facilitated Simply Living’s courses on voluntary simplicity.  As you seen in his picture, Jake enjoys fishing.

Simple Living Manifesto: Jake DaSilva

Own nothing. Be what I want.

Untethered. Leave when I choose.

Unleashed, like a dog free to hunt.

Unfettered, now my heart is true.


Leisure my culture, work if I must.

For truth I hunger, for a vision I lust.

If my car breaks down, I just let it rust.

If my body and ego die, I live on like stardust.

If you know what matters, simplify.

If you want to know what counts, simplify.

If your silence is shattered, simplify.

The meaninglessness you renounced; simplified.

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