Fire Drill Fridays

If you missed this on June 3rd you can watch it all on YouTube.

This is the virtual format for Fire Drill Fridays, an event that has engaged more than 500,000 citizens concerned about the multiple crises requiring transformational change if we are to transition to a sustainable future.

Jane Fonda hosts this Independence Day edition. She’s joined this week by Winona LaDuke (Honor the Earth), Maurice Mitchell (Working Families Party), and Hop Hopkins (Sierra Club) — some of the most inspiring activists and organizers in our movement — for a conversation around what freedom really means in the US.

Together, the presenters explored themes around the intersection of climate and racial justice, and discussed what independence from fossil fuels, police brutality, corporate control of our government, and systemic oppression looks like.

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You can learn more about Fire Drill Fridays and follow them on their website and social media.…

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