Event Ride Sharing

This page is a place for making connections to others to share a ride.

Note: This page is publicly accessible. Only post information that you are comfortable making public. Simply Living does not screen riders or drivers. This page is specific to this event and will be removed shortly thereafter.

In the comment message box below, please include this information:

  1. Date(s) you are attending
  2. Your zip code
  3. State whether you are offering a ride or seeking a ride.
  4. Any special requirements
  5. At least one method of contact (phone, email, etc.)

Live Google map of Franklin County for reference: https://goo.gl/maps/fo6xkaLyt24aEota9

Look through the comments for folks in your area. Contact them. Leave your comment.


  1. I’m looking to carpool for today’s simply living tour. Happy to offer a ride in my ‘93 Oldsmobile, or join you in another vehicle. I live north of Morse, near Karl Rd. (43229). Please text or call 541-680-6295. I’m a 50-year old male with good driving record and a safe, guy to be around. Gardener, garden coach, permaculture designer, native plant enthusiast, moth breeder, new Simply Living member…

  2. This is a sample comment: When leaving a comment mention the zip code where you live and if you would like a ride or give a ride in your vehicle. Give your phone number and something about you would be helpful. Thanks.

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