TALKING TRASH: A Primer on Central Ohio’s Waste Stream

10 – 11 AM  Via Zoom
Environmental Professionals Network
A Primer on Central Ohio’s Waste Stream

Improving the way we manage our resources is more important now than ever. Our consumption of products and packaging and the waste they create have a profound impact on the sustainability of our environment and our economy. These issues have become prominent in the age of COVID-19 and climate change. Together, we can create solutions by strengthening and building a vibrant and resilient circular economy for current and future generations.   

Kyle O’Keefe (Director of Innovation and Programs for the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio) who will share insights and industry knowledge about the waste management conditions, trends, opportunities, and activities taking place in the central Ohio region and how you can get involved. At SWACO, Kyle is leading efforts to help Franklin County achieve a 75% waste diversion rate by 2032 by implementing new programs, policies, and market driven solutions.

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If you were not able to participate in the tJuly EPN program Staying the Same, Yet, Totally Different you can watch an edited version on the EPN YouTube channel  This program was dynamic with the use of introductory hooks, breakout groups, and other interactive features, such as participants uploading their own pictures of nature from home.   Click here to view at our EPN YouTube page. Once at the page select “Show More” to see how you can skip ahead in the video to view different activities and features.

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