9-4-2020 Weekly Community Update

Highlights from the September 4 Community Update. Go there Now.

> Enjoy Labor Day Weekend (Gratitude for Worker Struggles)
> Learn all about our awesome Columbus Community Radio (9/16)
> NEW Meetup on Transforming Suburbia with Permaculture
> Fire Drill Friday Book Chat /  Jane Fonda with co-stars Mary Steenburgen and Candace Bergen
> Be the Change: Sustainable U for YOU Calendar of Events 
> Voting Activists on Grassroot Ohio with Carolyn Harding
> Hot Times Festival Goes Virtual
> ROAR – Regional Ohio Action for Resilience Website + “Next World Conversations”
> NEW 2019-2020 Highlights Video by OSU’s Environmental Professionals Network
> Jazz Artist Cherie Mannino Featured at Java Central Coffeehouse


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