7-31-2020 Weekly Community Update

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> NEW: Simply Living Meetup Online Tuesday: Share interests, books, films, Covid stories, and the Pandemic Portal
> Fire Drill Friday Teach-In explores industrial food impact on climate
> Awakening the Dreamer now free 2-hour study course
> Political Hope with Charles Eisenstein (free 10 day course)
> Follow Jordanne Renner om Instagram – artist, educator, go green enthusiast
> Webcast on “Contaminants of Emerging Concern” (Soil and Water District)
> From What Is to What If? Reimagining and Rebuilding Our World
> Video on Postal Banking
> How local leaders can help small businesses weather the pandemic
> 2020 Farmers Market Directory from Columbus on the Cheap
> Earth 911 – Beat the Heat Using Less Energy + Even greasy pizza boxes are recyclable
> Lots more in Columbus Underground’s Mega Weekend & Connie Hammond’s Calendar


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