4-3-2020 Weekly Community Update

Welcome to the weekly Community Update featuring local news and VIRTUAL events of interest.

The Local Skinny

The Local Skinny

Business as Usual: Interrupted! While so many events have been cancelled (Comfest just announced ;( and our routines are all out of whack, we are naturally disoriented; and for our health care workers and for parents with kids trying to work at home and monitor school at home… it’s pretty darn crazy. That said, the dust is settling just a little and some of us are able to reflect and begin to imagine a New Normal that is different from the one that was, well, you know – unsustainable, a euphemism for a way of life leading us to climate catastrophe.

There are many examples of thoughtful approaches to the future in this week’s Update. Just a few examples include now the Free online course, Think Resilience, with excellent short video lectures by Richard Heinberg. Don’t miss the new Frontline documentary, Plastic Wars – you will never think the same way about recycling again.  Mindfulness is central to Sacred Ground, the new earth-centered church led by Michael and Ali Malley. Charles Eisenstein goes deep and visionary in his new essay about the implications of the pandemic called The Coronation.

And there is much to ENJOY in this issue – like a Virtual Walk in the Woods with Nancy Stranahan of the Highlands Nature Sanctuary. Take virtual tours of art galleries, streaming films from The Wex, and even a Global Bike Festival. And awesome MUSIC – Send My Angels, a tribute to our Health Care Angels (gorgeous imagery), Eddie Watkins Jr., a favorite of In Spirit MInistries, is offering a free concert on Facebook (4/4). Heather Pierson is a past performer at Columbus Folk Music Society events, and she is performing regularly on Mondays at 7 pm and Saturdays at 4 pm.


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