4-24-2020 Weekly Community Update

Thanks for Living Local! Enjoy Simply Living’s Weekly Community Update!

Project Drawdown Posted the Ultimate 2020 EARTH DAY Guide to Actions that anyone can take to start making the Transition to a livable future! 

We include several of their Solutions Sections covering Electricity, Food and Ag, Transportation, and Land Sinks – and we link to more in our LEARN Section.

The Story of Stuff released on Earth Day (4/22) the final version of THE STORY OF PLASTIC..It’s available now on the Discovery Channel through June and you can rent it on Amazon Prime ($2 / $3 HD)  Watch the film’s trailer and get updates on how to watch the film here: https://www.storyofplastic.org/  Simply Living requested a license to host and screen the film virtually and when a date is confirmed we’ll post it here.

Story of Stuff Project’s New SHIFT Video Series on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m47FAXRvz9A  First 2 episodes are The Ecology of Disease and The Shift: Essential Work.

Trillions for COVID-19: then Green New Deal? That’s the title of a new blog I posted on the SL website. <http://simplyliving.org/uncategorized/trillions-for-covid-19-then-green-new-deal/> There is much confusion about the huge federal funding bills to try and save the economy during the pandemic.There is aew economics – Moderrn Monetary Thoery or MMT for short – that explains how we can spend those dollars without fearing inflation. The really GOOD NEWS is how we can use MMT to fully fund a comprehensive Green New Deal!


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