Clintonville House Share Available (Jenny Sieck)

Front of Half Double in Clintonville

Simply Living member Jenny Sieck is looking for a housemate for her beautiful Clintonville half double with off street parking. You would have access to all the common areas. I have a cat and a bunny. I am open to you having a pet but they’d have to get along. Amenities include your own refrigerator in the basement. Washer dryer access, use of a juicer, infra-red sauna, storage space in the basement. You are welcome to use all these just be responsible. This is in Clintonville so yes; we have cool next-door neighbors.

I’d love to find someone who is interested in communal living, who’d like to contribute to a household on an ongoing basis. Your room is 9’3 X 11 with hardwood floor and a nice sized closet. I am 55 years old, and
self-employed. I mention this because I see clients in my front office during weekdays, and on occasional evenings, and weekends. This would be a great fit for someone who is either a professional with a nine to 5, or a PHD student or Professor. Or someone involved in the community, who is retired but active. I’d like to find someone who is basically easy going but with some grit. I am fun, reliable, and clean up after myself. I’m not fastidious but I will make an effort. I’m artsy and love to do house projects. I often make a pot of soup on the weekends. I plant a garden and have fires on the full and new moons when I’m able. The landlord is great and very responsive. There is a park that follows the Scioto River at the end of the street. I’ve lived here for over 12 years now and love it. All of this is $563 a month plus your half of the bills. Contact me to discuss and let’s see if we are a fit. It would be great to find an artsy woo person who is interested in a similar philosophy. I look forward to hearing from you. (614) 309-7916

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