Urban Art Walk! It’s Free, 24/7 thru June 30

by Ann McDowell

Art Spot is a series of temporary public art installations that explore themes around climate change and conservation. Featuring 14 artists, 13 installations and nine locations in and around downtown Columbus, Art Spot installations will be on view 24/7 in the windows of partner businesses and nonprofits through June 30, 2023. See more about the artists here.

On a recent sunny Monday, my bi-weekly walking buddies and I visited downtown
Columbus’ Art Spot. This temporary window arts display features renderings on
the theme of climate change and conservation.
We were able to visit 9 of the 13 displays in a very walkable grid surrounding the
Ohio State House. While many displays were beautiful, the underlying premise of
the dangers we are inflicting on our planet were prevalent. A favorite of my
companions featured a full-length gown like that worn by Dicken’s Miss
Havisham. This decaying gown, however, was peppered with blue insects at risk
of extinction.
Another fiber art piece was a quilt including several blocks of at-risk flora and
fauna. A surprising potential victim, I discovered, was the Georgian peach. But
alas, with climate change and the growing number of invasives, I should not be so
I was overwhelmed with the intricacy of two abstract designs. On West Town
Street, housed in a window which once featured a beloved Lazarus holiday
window display, we found “Bear Trap” which was created from woven silver and
black mylar. On East Long Street, “You and Me” was crafted from what appeared
to be intricately carved wood panels in vibrant orange shades.
It would behoove the viewer to read about each of these displays before visiting
(columbusmakesart.com/artspot). While QR codes are posted at each display, we
had difficulty uploading many on our smart phones due to the height of many of
the Columbus buildings.
From discs woven from plastic bags, to foam sculpted large hands raised to the
sky, to two very old “found” trophies, there were many fascinating, albeit
haunting, items on this urban tour. So much to see, so much to think about.
My walking buddies and I plan to complete this art walk by viewing the four
displays in the Short North on an upcoming Monday soon. We plan to do this
before the display leaves downtown on June 30, 2023. I encourage you to
consider a tour as well.

About Ann McDowell… happily retired. Hobbies include reading, bicycling, walking, cooking, growing carrots, following Cleveland MLB, sewing, and volunteering at the Golden Hobby Gift Shop.

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