How’s the Weather? A Global Initiative to Turn from Emergency to Emergence

Hands encircling the globe

Fellow Steward of the Earth:

You may think this is just a chain letter, but, I assure you, it is a whole lot more!

The climate crisis is accelerating! Globally storms are bigger and stronger; destructive floods, droughts and fires are occurring worldwide; Refugees are escaping starvation and brutality – and are being rejected and returned to dangerous lives; humanity is more divided; national politics are moving towards authoritarianism; a pandemic sweeps the planet.  

Actions to address all of this are completely inadequate. Our leaders, governments and corporations are acting with neither urgency nor collaboration. Self-interest prevails. As Greta Thunberg says:

Humanity is failing to stop the climate crisis. It’s now beyond urgent—the planet is screaming for help.

Globally, all of us must force action at all levels able to make changes happen. Reaching out around the globe is simple today! 62% of all people globally have cell phones; free computer translation to MOST languages is available; a variety of electronic communications apps make it simple.

Immediate ACTION by everyone is essential:

  • Click this link for a partial listing of organizations already focusing on the climate crisis.
  • Email those you know about—local or international—to so we can add them.
  • Select one (or more) and get involved to make the IMMEDIATE changes we need—locally and internationally—to both mitigate the consequences of #ClimateChange and to take care of each other.
  • Target Earth Day 2023 (Saturday, April 22) – a worldwide day of demonstrations and marches—at all local, regional, and international levels—to insist that our governments actively collaborate worldwide AND to highlight all local / national projects.
  • Send THIS document: “How’s the Weather?”, translated as needed (see Google Translate), to friends and contacts everywhere who will recognize the urgency and act (include the English version to ensure consistency).

Contact: (Phone) +1 (614) 285-6865 (E-Mail):

The letter above was created by Simply Living member Michael Greenman with a team of family, friends, and colleagues. The idea is simple: share this letter with your own family, friends and colleagues, inviting them to share with theirs, etc. until thousands, millions, or more learn about a global day of action set for Earth Day, April 22, 2023. It’s a unique idea that, as Michael says, just might work to inspire climate action all over the planet, moving us “from emergency to emergence.” If not, hey, it’s worth a shot!

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