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Columbus Tools

Summer’s here and it’s about time for some home improvement. But owning every tool you need, while obviously impractical and far from cost-effective, just doesn’t fit into a sustainable and harmonious local economy. Every tool in every garage is a crazily wasteful state of affairs, in Columbus or anywhere. That’s […]

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Transition US – Resilience for a Time When Resilience is Mandatory

By John Crawford It’s impossible to miss the fact that we’re in a more “normal” weather pattern in Ohio this winter: we’ve already doubled our snowfall compared to last year; temperatures have been colder than normal, but we’re not getting the below-zero readings that have hit Oklahoma, parts of northern […]

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When Will Columbus Ban Plastic Bags?

#simplyliving #theworldwewant #yes!magazine We all know plastic bags must go. Eight states have enacted bans on single use plastic bags:  California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont. 350+ cities in the USA have banned them (Forbes). Kudos for Bexley – and Cuyahoga County! Cincinnati may ban by […]

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Why a Town Hall for the Green New Deal?

Since Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (aka AOC) and Ed Markey introduced the Green New Deal (GND) resolution in Congress late last year, the buzz made AOC an instant star, spawned the youth-based Sunrise movement, and gave a shot of adrenalin to environmentalists who “get it” that global warming is real and […]

Alex Burke
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Daily Routine Fights Climate Change

I was delighted to discover the opinion column in the Dispatch (1-9-19) by Alex Burke, “We Tackle Climate Change One Day at a Time.” Alex walks us through a typical day from 6 am to 8:30 pm offering practical tweaks to our typical behaviors. They are all easy to do […]