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Tree of the Month, January 2024

Bitternut Hickory, Yellowbud Hickory, Swamp Hickory Carya cordiformis by Martin (Mort) Schmidt for Simply Living Hickory is renowned for its toughness and resilience. Our seventh president, Andrew Jackson, was nicknamed “Old Hickory” because of his indomitable spirit. And Bitternut Hickory is a particular favorite of mine. Though not nearly as […]

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Review of “Emerging World”, (The Evolution of Consciousness and the Future of Humanity), byRoger P. Briggs

Guest Blog Post by Kevin Eigel Over the last few years, I have been a somewhat regular member of the Simply Living Book Club, organized by Chuck Lynd. As part of this Club, I have enjoyed exploring the big question for me at this point in my life: What can […]

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Interview with The Compost Exchange

An interview with Ray Leard, Founder and Chief Composter Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Ray Leard, the founder and head composter of the Compost Exchange. The Compost Exchange is a local business that specializes in both residential and commercial composting. It was started by one guy – […]

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Tree of the Month, May 2023

Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana) by Martin (Mort) Schmidt for Simply Living Once considered the ideal landscaping tree, the Callery Pear cannot legally be sold, grown, or planted in Ohio, due to its invasiveness. Callery Pear was introduced to the United States from Asia in the early 1900s. The edible Pear, […]

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Tree of the Month, April 2023

My Favorite Tree Books By Martin (Mort) Schmidt for Simply Living I recently wrote about my favorite tree websites and downloadable books. This month I’ll discuss my favorite printed books – books about trees made from trees. I have over a hundred of them, many of which I picked up […]

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Columbus announces ambitious Climate Action Plan that cuts carbon emissions 45% by 2030

Environmental coalition cited as instrumental in setting city’s climate goals in line with climate science Thursday, December 9, 2021 Contact:Cathy Cowan Becker, cathy@simplyliving.org, 937-271-1247Chad Stephens, chad.stephens@sierraclub.org, 216-322-6998 COLUMBUS, OH — Today Sustainable Columbus unveiled the city’s first Climate Action Plan (CAP), with an ambitious overall goal of reducing carbon emissions […]

Map of frack waste injection wells in Ohio
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Simply Living provides testimony on oil and gas waste disposal rules

On Monday, December 6, the Ohio legislature’s Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) heard testimony on regulations proposed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to manage disposal of oil and gas waste. Executive Director Cathy Cowan Becker testified on behalf of Simply Living and the Ohio Sustainable Business […]