Story of Plastic Screening Free This Week (9/11 > 9/17) + Summit Events

Elissa Yoder Mann, Sierra Club’s plastic issues guru, passed this on for all those interested in the problem of plastic pollution, If you haven’t seen the film, watch free this week, and follow other links to the Summit events this week.

As we prepare for the upcoming A-Z Impacts of Plastic Summit, we wanted you to have a chance to watch the groundbreaking film, The Story of Plastic.

Here is a link and password you can use to stream the film FREE for the next week. This link will expire in 7 days.


Password = epgD[“8gW#}>~:R}

Join us Thursday for a Watch Party

Film creator Stiv Wilson will be joining us to talk about the film on Thursday 9/17, so before that conversation happens we’re hosting a LIVE watch party.

5:30 PM – Story of Plastic Watch Party

7:00 PM – Conversation with creator Stiv Wilson led by filmmakers Melissa Troutman and Mark Dixon.

NOTE: You’ll need to log in the A-Z Impacts Summit group in the Campaign Network to open the links, RSVP, and comment. If you still need to create your account, click here.

See the Full Program 9/17 – 9/20

This event is just the beginning of the weekend summit.

View the program for the full list,

Log-in to the venue to RSVP and comment

See you soon!

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