8-7-2020 Weekly Community Update

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> NEW: Simply Living Community Meetup: Real Conversations Online (8/19)
August topic: What is Covid Telling Us?
> Fire Drill Friday Teach-In explores climate and social justice success stories!
> 10 August classes at Columbus Garden School
> Free Film: Infinite Potential: Life and Ideas of David Bohm
> Earth 911 – Sustainable landscapes and 3 earth-friendly summer recipes
> Pat Marida’s guest editorial in the Dispatch Reflects on 75th Anniversary of Nuclear bombing of Japanese
> Wonder and Awe TEDx film and talk by Louis Schwartzberg now on Youtube
> Laurel Hobden’s Green New Deal BANDANER is catching on…
> Free Press Salon Saturday features journalist and author Greg Palast and other activists
> Care & Share Time Bank meets virtually (8/16)
> Cool blog posts, live music, and more
> Columbus On the Cheap links to LOTS of good, cheap, fun!
> Lots more in Columbus Underground’s Mega Weekend & Connie Hammond’s Calendar

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