7-10-2020 Weekly Community Update

Highlights in the July 10 Community Update – Go straight to the full calendar now.

The Story of Plastic is very close to reaching the limit of our license for 100 viewings. Some people view it more than once and each viewing counts. If you sign up this weekend, and are not able to view the film, consider watching the PBS Frontline documentary, Plastic Wars, which covers similar issues with the plastic industry. Our panel discussion/Q&A on Sunday at 2 pm will be streamed live on Simply Living’s  Facebook and (we hope) our new YouTube channel. Once you register on Eventbrite, you will receive an email with details on how to participate. 
     What can we do about the plastic problem? Our panel will include Elissa Yoder, Conservation Program Manager for the Ohio Sierra Club’s Clean Water & Past Plastic Campaign, Elizabeth Ellman, Chair, Bexley Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee that helped pass a city ordinance banning single-use plastics, and Environmental scientist Dr. Randi Pokladnik, author and activist with the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition. Join us to learn what is being done now and how you can help! Details inside or go straight to https://tinyurl.com/yaybxrql  NOTE: Each panel members will make a brief presentation prior to the Q&A. The entire event will be recorded for later viewing in case you were not able to attend.

Update: Watch the video of July 12, 2020 Panel Discussion on The Story of Plastic

>  Hang Out next Wednesday evening on Zoom with Simply Living members and like minded friends who share your values and do their part to turn the craziness of the present into a seriously livable future!   Chuck Lynd will show a short video about the Public Banking movement.  Bring your own refreshments. The socializing and networking start at 7 pm.

> Lots of News in the Local Foods section this week, and of course MANY community events for you to plan your own virtual week ahead. 
> 2nd Saturday Free Press Salon is Saturday 7:30 – 9:30 pm.!
> Less heat coming soon! 🙂


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