Simply Living Manifesto – Nicholas Banks

Nicholas Banks has shared his “manifesto” (below) as part of our Earth Institute course: A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World.  Nicholas is a relatively new member of Simply Living and he is leading and posting now on our new Instagram account.

Personal Manifesto

My life will be an examined engagement, always open to dialogue and met with love. I will be ever-conscious of how my choices affect others, viz. every domain of creation.

I will remember that I am not alone. Verily, I did not create myself nor did my development occur without a historical inheritance, which I will look to understand and appreciate. I regard my life as an experiment tantamount to a work of art. I shall labor tirelessly to promote in my word and in my deed the value of beauty.

I will accept shortcomings and unforeseen tribulations as necessary to my spiritual maturation, but never with a mind to tolerating injustice. I will see how I can contribute to a better world for all and that my example, of striving to embody these aforementioned principles, will hopefully occasion the opportunity for another to enjoy life unreservedly and give their love freely.

Nicholas Banks

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