David Orr Special Guest Featured at Gift To Be Simple

Simply Living is pleased to present visionary David Orr as this year’s speaker. His career as a scholar, professor, writer, speaker and entrepreneur spans fields as diverse as environment and politics, environmental education, campus greening, green building, ecological design, and climate change. He is the author of seven books, some of which will be on display. We are delighted and honored to hear his insights, vision, and guidance on our shared path forward to a sustainable future!

David Orr is a doer, defined as one who gets things done.  In 2009, he founded the Oberlin Project to implement a model full spectrum sustainability program by creating a collaborative initiative involving the college and town of Oberlin along with the private sector business community, industries, and the local municipal power company. In 8 years of operation the project closed its office in 2017 after achieving their goals and leaving a successful legacy of innovations and accomplishments that earned it numerous awards, including the U.S. Department of Energy and the Obama administration making Oberlin one of 16 top Climate Action Communities in the nation.

“David Orr spoke most recently at a Climate Summit held last January at the Stratford Ecological Center.  I attended that event as well as a major conference, “Beyond Fossil Fuels” hosted at Oberlin in 2015. He is a dynamic speaker and fully aware of the critical situation we find ourselves in today. I can’t wait to learn from his insights at Gift To Be Simple.”  ~ Chuck Lynd

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